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The Uvex Perfexxion Active CC Helmet - Matt Black
Offers perfection and safety in one package! The shell is manufactured from high performance thermoplastic, an extremely durable polymer, while the EPS foam inner lining is capable of absorbing high impact energy often sustained during a fall. Excellent ventilation is offered through ventilation channels integrated within the EPS shell, ensuring optimal air flow while allowing hot air to escape. This helmet meets the highest safety standards with the hardshell construction created by using a special injection moulding technique.Uvex Helmets all comply with VG1 01.040 2014-12 Safety Standard, making them suitable for both training and competition use.


• Complies with VG1 01.040 2014-12 Safety Standards.
• Features Uvex IAS 3D Fit System which offers seamless width and height adjustment.
• The helmet is fitted with the FAS comfort closure system allowing for simple, multi-adjustment with one hand.


Note: It is the Rider's responsibility to ensure that the helmet they choose is approved for use by the organisation under which they are riding.


Helmets Red tagged, ready to ride.