PEI Air-Tech Combo Sports Medicine Boots

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Air-Teque Combo Sports Medicine Boots are highly breathable.

Air-Teque ventilated neoprene minimises the chance of your horse's legs overheating. Microfiber leather straps add durability and strength and also make the boots easier to use. Sports Boots are anatomically designed and comes recommend by vets for the purpose of supporting all major tendons and ligaments in your horse's legs. Complete with shock absorbing splint pads and built-in over reach protection.

Sports Boots Key features...

  • Made from a double layer of shock absorbing Air-Teque ventilated neoprene
  • Strong, secure and long lasting Velcro straps made using microfiber leather
  • Shock absorbing splint pad
  • Built-in over reach protection
  • Tendon support
  • Fetlock support
  • Ligament support
  • Suspensory support
  • Recommended by vets for support purposes
  • Can be used for multiple disciplines
  • Sold in pairs

Care/Washing instructions...
First remove hair & dried sweat with brush. Then ensure all fastenings are closed and machine wash at 30º using non-bio liquid. We recommend washing inside our 'Horse Boots Wash Bag'. Dry naturally away from direct heat sources.

They offer all the same great features as our popular Air-Teque Sports Boots and in addition have built in over reach protection as well as a shock absorbing splint pad. This is a combo set with leg and hoof protection.