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Horses have invidual requirements and therefore we have tailored the dose in our revised edition of OPTI-MIN which allows you to best select the dose to suit your feeding regime ! whether your horse is on pasture or hay, whether fed some hard feed or none.


OPTI-MIN helps balance the diet by making up shortfalls in pasture or feeds. OPTI-MIN is therefore useful to include in your horses diet when pasture quality is poor, for growing horses, working horses and seasonal changes where nutrients become less available (through pasture) or simply to keep the diet balanced overall.


OPTI-MIN has been designed for New Zealand horses. It contains higher levels of copper, zinc as well as containing iodine and selenium. We purposely keep Selenium low as generally most pastures have a baseline of "some". In addition, it contains sodium chloride. These elements are all commonly low in New Zealand pastures. Please see the attached data sheet for more information.


OPTI-MIN also contains essential amino acids required by the horse and neccessary for healthy hooves, coats and topline condition and/or muscle development.


OPTI-MIN does not add iron chelate as research indicates horses rarely, if ever have iron deficiency. It is considered adequate in feedstuffs. Commonly Manganese (not to be confused with Magnesium) and Cobalt are also adequate. Additional Magnesium may be required during seasonal flushes (green grass growth) where the horse may require extra, the horse does not require extra all year round, so you will not find this high in OPTI-MIN. 


OPTI-MIN offers a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals.