LeMieux Lambskin Shaped Show Saddle Pad

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Pure luxury in a saddle pad!  The highest quality grade one Australian Merino Lambskin that is unbelievably soft & long lasting. Used by many top show riders this show numnah has a perfect discrete edge with a elasticated panel strap. The wool is a perfect depth cushioning the back without too much bulk and there is a cut away girth area allowing a nice snug fit. If the pad is two long vertically for your saddle it can easily be trimmed to fit the saddle panel (inner or outside panel) - the advantage of a real skin the wool it will not unwind!

Please note these are 100% natural skins and the top side (under saddle) will show variations in colour and texture. These are nothing to worry about and will not effect wear.


Size Guide:

XSmall = 15" - 15.5" saddle

Small = 16”-16.5” saddle

Medium = 17” saddle

Large = 17.5” saddle

XLarge = 18” saddle