Jay-el Leather Dressing

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Beeswax leather dressing for softening and preserving saddlery and all leather goods. Dries to a long lasting polish that shines. Sealer for leather dyes and leather oils.

Softens and Preserves:
Athletic, Sporting Race and Trotting Gear, Auto Seats, Belts, Boots &Shoes, Brief Cases, Coats &Jackets, Footballs, Gloves, Golf Bags, Harness, Luggage, Saddles, Satchels, Travel Goods and Upholstery

Unlined leather, Army and Work Boots can be treated inside and outside.
Restores natural animal oils to all leathers.

Directions for use:
Wipe surface clean. Stir well and apply Jay-El Dressing with a soft brush or cloth. Rub in and spread evenly and sparingly. Assist absorption by standing in a warm area. Apply one, two or three coats as conditions may require. Allow a few hours drying time between each coat. Polish off with a soft cloth. Store in a cool place.