Horze Protec Tendon & Fetlock Boot Set

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An exceptional quality set of tendon and fetlock boots at an affordable price. Designed to assist in freedom of movement, the lining is a soft padded but conforming lining that is cut lower on the top as to not interfere with the horses movement. With a neoprene lining to increase protection and increase comfort this boot supports and protects both the cannon and fetlock joint. Velco straps are highly reinforced Offer effective leg protection that increases performance levels. Set of four comes with two front tendon boots and two hind fetlock boots. Easy to clean, wipe with damp sponge or towel.

The Horze Advanced ProTec Boot offers exceptional protection for your horse with a little bit of sparkle bling. Comes in a set of four with two front tendon boots and two rear fetlock boots this long wearing tendon boot set is not just beautiful but excellent protection as well. Lined with a softly padded neoprene lining that is smarty cut away at the top for the ulitmate in fit and freedom in movement. Already a customer favorite customers are raving about this new elegant limited edition Horze Advanced ProTec Tendon Boot. High quality outer PVC to increase protection and aid in the support of the cannon and fetlock. Easy on and off but sturdy and secure Velcro straps rounds out this fun and functional Horze Advanced ProTec boot.This customer favorite offers effective leg protection and is designed for increased freedom.

  • Set of four. Two fronts, back fetlocks.
  • Comfortable fit
  • Neoprene Lined
  • High Strike PVC outer
  • Double Velcro Straps
  • Well Placed crystal detailing
  • Patent look contrast on velcro