Horze Quintus Fleece Fetlock Boots

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Fetlock boots with soft faux fur lining are the ultimate protection for jumping and more.


The durable outer shell is designed to withstand impact while the inner lining of these fetlock boots has a soft, faux fur layer for plush comfort. The wide hook-and-loop fasteners will keep the boots firmly in place. Designed to wear on the hind legs, these boots will offer sturdy protection. Equestrian Performance is printed on the rubber label on the side of these protective boots which pair well with the rest of this collection.




  • Shock absorbing fetlock boots
  • Strong TPU shell for protection
  • Lining with soft faux fur pile for comfort and warmth
  • Double hook-and-loop fasteners
  • Use with Horze Sport Quintus Tendon Boots


Technical description:


Shell: 100% TPU plastic.
Lining: imitation fur.


Washing instructions:


Rinse with water if needed. Air dry.