Virbac Equimax LV

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Equimax LV is broad spectrum worming paste in a convenient low volume syringe to treat all major internal parasites including all three species of tapeworms and bots.


  • Concentrated low volume formula in an ergonomic syringe for those who find it difficult to use a larger conventional horse wormer
  • Broad spectrum activity for the effective treatment and control of small and large strongyles, pinworms, stomach hairworms, intestinal threadworms, ascarids, nect threadworms, large mouth stomach worms, lungworms, tapeworms, and bots
  • Treats horse up to 700kg


  • Effective treatment of all major internal parasites and bots
  • Low volume formula easy to administer over the back of the tongue
  • Safe to use on all horses including pregnant mares, foals and breeding stallions
  • Excellent 'dosing' compliance as every 7.49g syringe treats horse up to 700kg, avoiding chance of under-dosing