Hira Equi-Anti-Al MAG Tonic

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The product contains natural plant based ionised magesium and will help counteract the effects of ‘hot pastures’ and feed. The combination of active plant ingredients in cider vinegar (alkalinises the blood) this easily absorbed magnesium together with plant sedatives like chamomile, scullcap, vitex agnes and passionflower help calm your horse during times of excessive reactivity. The bitter detox herbs act on the liver to help flush myco-toxins. Brewers yeast is also an inexpensive ‘toxin binder’ 1-2 tablespoons daily. To further enhance the calming effect add an additional capful (20ml) to the feed in doing so you will be giving more ‘calming’ herbs. Contact HiraLab directly at info@hiralabs.co.nz for information of the role of magnesium and how stress and a high cortisol set-point will cause the horse to excrete this essential mineral.


  •  Dose 15-20ml daily when horse is on ‘hot’ pasture.