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Digest-Rite is more than just a simple digestive additive – (like those containing live yeast cultures). Digest-Rite contains a pre-biotic (mannan oligosaccharide), digestive enzymes (α amylase and β Glucanase, xylanase), rice bran and Mycofix toxin binder. It has a 4 way action: Firstly by slowing the passage of food through the small intestine, allowing more time for the horse’s own digestive enzymes to work. Secondly, by enhancing digestion through the inclusion of enzymes that can break down sugar and starch and fibre. The inclusion of a pre-biotic, mannan oligosaccharide helps maintain a functional gut wall and ensures that nutrients are absorbed efficiently following digestion, and any negative by-products are removed. Finally the toxin binder can help prevent the absorption of any harmful fungal toxins. Digest-Rite should be fed to sport and performance horses receiving a grass and or grass and hard feed diet or those grazing pastures where conditions are likely to cause nutritional problems. Digest-Rite contains no prohibited substances so can be safely fed before and during competition.