PEI Turnout Boots

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Highly breathable horse turnout boots...

There turnout boots are designed to help prevent injuries and provide support to the horse's tendons and ligaments whilst in the field. Made from specialist Air-Tech ventilated neoprene for  breathability. The simple, anatomical wrap design makes them easy to put on and take off without compromising on support. Covering the whole fetlock area, these boots offer great coverage and enhanced protection for your horse. Designed for use on both front and hind legs.

Turnout Boots: Key features...

  • Tendon support
  • Fetlock support
  • Suspensory support
  • Ligament support
  • Easy, wrap-around design
  • Anatomically shaped
  • Microfiber leather binding
  • Can be used on both front & hind legs
  • Swapping/ refreshing your Turnout Boots every 12 hours helps to prevent rubs and sores developing
  • Sold in pairs
Care/Washing instructions...
First remove hair & dried sweat with brush. Then ensure all fastenings are closed and machine wash at 30º using non-bio liquid.  Recommend washing inside a 'Wash Bag'. Dry naturally away from direct heat sources