Champion X-Air Dazzle Plus Helmet (Yellow Tag standard)

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This exciting Champion X-Air Dazzle helmet range has an eye catching coloured dazzling centre panel to make sure that you are noticed when riding.
Lightweight injection moulded ABS shell, with a soft 4 point padded harness, and incorporates a vented air flow system.
Quick release buckle for ease of use.

Colours: Black/Black, Black/Pink, Black/Silver, Navy/Navy

This helmet conforms to the following safety standards:
British PAS 015 2011
VG1 01.040 2014-12
ASTM F1163-15
British Kitemarked to PAS 015 2011

This Kitemark Standard is a guarantee every hat will comfortably out perform the four main areas of testing;
1) Penetration, 2) shock absorption, 3) harness strength and stability, 4) Crush resistance


Note: It is the Rider's responsibility to ensure that the helmet they choose is approved for use by the organisation under which they are riding.