Bomber Eggbutt 2 1/2 Ring Lock Up Bit

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Bombers Eggbutt 2½ Ring Snaffle Ultra Comfy Lock Up. Snaffle Ultra Comfy Lock Up is a new innovative and unique two-way (forward and upward) articulated spindle that has a very encouraging and rewarding effect on the horse's dying feeling. This anatomically designed and shaped drool follows the shapes of the horse’s mouth almost “perfectly” and distributes the pressure on the tongue and dental rest very evenly. The tapered / thinning and rising joints in the middle also provide good space for the tongue, so the dredger is also suitable for horses that are very sensitive to the tongue. The bi-directionally locking joint prevents the dredger from causing point pressure on the horse's palate and compression on the dental holidays.

The strongly curved shape of the dredger fits almost perfectly in the horse's mouth, making it a very comfortable, stable and stable die for both the horse and the rider. The curved design of the die prevents lateral movement of the die, so the rider is able to communicate with the horse with very subtle restraints. The bi-directionally lockable and heavily shaped articulated bit maintains its tongue position even if the rider raises his hand to change the steering angle. The Ultra Comfy Lock Up has produced amazingly good results!

The articulated joint, which locks in a curved shape, is best suited for horses with particularly sensitive / shallow / narrow dentition or “sharp” bone surfaces under dentition, or a low / straight palate. The Snaffle Ultra Comfy Lock Up has a much softer and smoother effect than a conventional articulated bit, as it has curved locking joints as well as smaller articulated rings (joint points). The independent movement of the side joints of the locking multi-joint drill is maintained despite the joint locks. The even pressure on the tongue and dental rest has a lowering effect on the horse's head, raising the neck and guiding the chin towards the chest. The mouthpiece of the die is made of a unique and very well spit-stimulating sweet iron, or "Sweet Iron", developed by Bombers.