Bomber Drop Cheek McHardy Bit

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McHardy is a combination of Happy Tongue and Buster Roller driers. It is a tongue-shaped three-piece bit with a free-rotating cylinder in the center. The roller (cylinder) helps the horse to adopt the die and the tongue space along the mouth distributes the pressure over the entire mouth area.

For sensitive horses that need a slightly stronger drool. Improves controllability and guides to lower the head and bring the chin towards the chest. Linguistic dies have been developed for knights that are sensitive to their tongue. Symptoms of this include pushing the tongue out of the mouth, pushing the tongue toward the throat, lifting the tongue over the die, coming against the hand, waving the head, and shaking.

The Drop Cheek is a fixed duck ring on the upper arm (Baucher dipper). The rattle ring rests against the mouthpiece and cheeks when riding so that it gives a good drool feel and reduces damage to the mouthpieces.

The nozzle is attached from the upper rings to the cheek straps on the bridle and provides a lateral steering effect. Larger tires normally come under control. The fixed duct ring slowly releases the steering feel of the mouthpiece and enhances the effect of the mouthpiece and also creates little pressure on the neck and affects lateral maneuverability. Good e.g. for dressage, mouth sensitive, young horses, ponies and young riders