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BUILDAGUT contains traditional digestive herbs blended with a natural source of highly bioavailable minerals and balanced with additional fibre plus blackcurrant extract rich in polyphenols providing excellent prebiotic action for a healthy gut.

The perfect blend to help enhance the digestive tract and feed efficiency. A supplement for all horses and ponies to support stomach and hind gut health and balance. Traditional herbs and natural minerals for digestive health.


  • With its high calcium content and unique sponge-like structure, BUILDAGUT is useful to support stomach health and condition.
  • Contains fibrulose and prebiotic blackcurrant rich in polyphenols for optimal gut flora.
  • Polyphenols have been studied and shown to support the healthy beneficial microorganism population of the cecum and colon.
  • Beneficial for healthy gut flora upset by manufactured diets, stress, intensive exercise, fasting and/or medications.
  • For healthy appetite, gut and intestinal health.
  • Red marine algae contains a source of calcium shown to be more highly digestible than other forms of minerals.
  • For shine and consistent performance.
  • For industry rules consult your veterinarian.