Acavallo Compression Gel Sleeves

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Acavallo’s compression gel sleeves not only offer horses´ legs a highly effective protection against micro traumas resulting, for instance, from intensive work loads or aggravation of old injuries but are also used for treating existing internal and external injuries as they stimulate circulation and assist with the healing of scars. The special shape of these therapeutic gel sleeves, with its integrated longitudinal protectors, is designed to offer optimum support of the tendon and ligament system. A large number of small air vents, arranged in linear fashion, provide even ventilation for the skin tissue protected by the sleeve and thus prevent a build-up of heat. Naturally, the Acavallo gel is non-toxic. As its chemical-physical structure contains an ultra-pure mineral oil, the gel has antibacterial properties and does not absorb any foreign substances. It stretches in all directions and is highly elastic, flexibly adapting to the different contours of a horse’s leg without producing pressure marks.

The compression gel sleeves can be used for riding (for all equestrian disciplines) as well as for therapeutic application in stables. When cooled (in refrigerator) the sleeves are ideally suited for cooling applications, e.g. for cooling tendons and ligaments. Easy-to-maintain product that can be manually washed under running water or at low temperature in a washing machine. To be used under classic bandages 

Made in Italy